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To serve as a conduit to share God’s love and His Word to inspire people to draw closer to Him and to be blessed to prosper spiritually, physically, ​emotionally, mentally, socially, and financially!


There are 5 opportunities for learning more about and obtaining our Essential Oils!  You may Attend a Class upcoming or make another selection of the 4 described just below, depending on YOUR personal desires/dreams/ambitions!   As I provide personal wellness consultations to assist any clients with ordering oils specifically suited to their situation and how to properly use them,  I strongly urge everyone to please fill out the form below with your selection and submit.

For Retail Customers, you have the option of just clicking to order.  Wholesale Customers, Wellness Advocates,  and Business Builders,  you are required to complete the form so that you receive your wellness consultation and we can ensure your account is properly set up to receive your added perks and opportunities!

1} Retail Customer:  I just want to purchase my essential oils at retail price (click here)

2}  Wholesale Customer:  I want to purchase my essential oils at 25% off retail price for a renewable annual  membership fee ($35.00) (fill out form below)

3}  Wellness Advocate:  I want to purchase oils with opportunity for 25-55% off retail and

get other perks for just sharing about the essential oils with others  (fill out form below)

4}  Builder:  I want all the above and additional income running as a Business (fill out form below)

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